Daily Cruises

Select the cruise that best meets your criteria and we will do our best to exceed your expectations by far! 

Daily Cruise & Sunset Cruise
Discover the most legendary beaches on the island of Santorini and enjoy a thrilling, romantic sunset afloat! Set out on a journey to the lunar-shaped, out-of-this-world beaches that have made Santorini world famous. Visit the Red Beach with the scarlet red cliffs and the rich seabed, along with the White Beach nearby. Then, head to the Black Mountain and gaze at the emblematic caldera, with the mystifying rocks and after that it is time for the Hot Springs by the volcano! Enjoy a sumptuous lunch or dinner at a traditional tavern on Thirassia island and sunset awaits! A unique spectacle unfolds its wonders before your eyes. 

Duration: 4-5 hours

Full Day Cruise
For those who wish to enjoy a whole day out at sea, there is the option of scheduling a full day cruise. At Tramonto Yacht, we know that letting go of such a precious sailing experience can be hard. So how about relishing 10 hours on board, exploring the island of Santorini and its remarkable coastline, the cobalt blue waters and the mesmerizing surroundings? A trip to the most famous beaches of the island, along with the carved cliffs on the caldera and the volcanic islands. Start from early in the morning and get as much from Santorini as possible, staying on board till sunset. A memorable day is waiting for you, so seize it! 

Duration: 10 hours approximately
Daily Cruises